How would lime work in a community 2

“I approached the business the way a 6-year-old would. What would people like on the busses? Well, people would like music. So we put good sound systems in. And the busses couldn’t stay yellow, so I paid Detroit artists to paint them. And I thought people would like to know where the busses were at any moment, so we found some free apps that allow you to see where the bus is. And finally we asked where would people like busses, and we thought, Woodward Avenue—we’ll drive busses up and down Woodward.

“Then, I looked into it: What is it going to take for me to start a bus company? I called up the Michigan Department of Transportation, and they’re like, ‘What? You want to start a public bus company yourself?’ They didn’t even know that I was 25. ‘Well, you need insurance,’ they told me.

“So I called the insurance company, and they’re like, ‘You want to do what?’ They said, ‘Okay, insurance is going to be $90,000 a bus.’ I was defeated. My busses cost $2,000. Why is the insurance that much?

“So I called them back. This time I tell them, ‘I want to create a private bus system that just goes from one bar to another bar. And they’re like, ‘Oh, no problem, we do that all the time.’ So then I had a bus company.

“Now we’re going after new services. There’s no public option to the airport, so we’re working on that. We’re tackling some really serious stuff in a commonsense way.”

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